Snakes & Hawks & Fish Oh My!

These midsummer days are hot, hot, hot but this week we took advantage of a cooler day (97!) and headed off to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.  The museum is a real gem of Tucson and an absolute must see for anyone visiting our vibrant desert town.  The facilities are beautiful, educational and flow seamlessly.  Strolling through makes you feel as if you are on a personal guided tour through the desert where our local  animal friends show up to greet and welcome you along the way.  We arrived just in time to enjoy the touch tank where Calliope learned how sea stars push their stomach out of their mouths to eat.  A quick visit with a hawk and a loop around the caves and snakes and it was already time for us to hit the road.  It’s playgroup today and we can’t keep our baby friends waiting!!  Desert Museum – we will see you again soon!

IMG_6514 IMG_6516

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