Midwest Summer

Hello friends! So sorry for the absence. I spent a few weeks travelling through the Midwest visiting family, celebrating a 90th birthday and enjoying small town Ohio life. While I expected to be a writing fool it turns out what I REALLY wanted to do was alternately run in the sprinklers with my baby, drink wine on the porch while watching the moon rise with my parents, hike waterfalls, lay in the grass and blow kisses at trees. IMG_7331Yes!!! On one particularly nice hike my daughter knelt down to BLOW KISSES TO THE LEAVES! My hippie mama heart swelled with pride!! Connection, connection, connection! We are all one and must look after each other, mother earth and ourselves.   A slow week with an abundance of outdoor play only further cemented in my heart the beauty of simplicity and my intentions for how I spend my time and raise my baby girl.

The first stop on our Midwest adventure was Chicago for Michael’s grandma Genevieve’s 90th birthday. IMG_6935 I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to be surrounded by your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and reflect back on 90 years! There was laughter, tears and storytelling and it was wonderful to witness. It’s fascinating to explore the tapestry of a family that you didn’t grow up in but through marriage is now your own.

Calliope and I took our first Amtrak from Chicago to Michigan to visit my sister, her wifeIMG_6948 and family. Let me tell you… after planes, trains and automobiles, Amtrak is the way to go when it comes to travelling with a toddler. The café car was toddler central with 2 other kiddos hanging about plus we could simply move around if we felt a melt down coming on. We’ll be looking into more train travel in the future.

After Michigan we settled into the Ohio farmhouse, a nearly 120 year old property that my parents are lovingly restoring. This is the home where my step dad grew up IMG_7285and he transported us back through it’s 100+ year history with stories of the buildings that used to house cattle, hogs, chickens and flowers. For our part, Calliope and I chased each other through the yard and had picnics under the old magnolia tree. It was the happy, carefree, outdoor play that I dream of for my daughter. I felt connected there and it was wonderful.

My mom on a morning girls trip to Amish country
baby wearing and sun kissed clothing for the win
just another day radiating joy
grateful to our hosts, grateful for the memories

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