World Breastfeeding Week

Local photographer Jade Beall was featured on Instagram and they choose a picture of me breastfeeding Calliope! What a wonderful, magical way to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!! Wow, wow, wow! First off, Jade is one of the reasons this desert town is so cool. The work she does on self-acceptance and love is groundbreaking.

I’ve been thinking a lot about connection lately; everyone wants it, most people struggle with it in one form or another and at the end of the day this love and intimacy, this sense of connectedness, is the oil that keeps the gears of life turning. It is what binds us together as humans and this sense of connection is to be honored and cultivated.

What stronger bond is there than that between a mother and child? To nurture a soul in your womb, to suffer the agony and ecstasy of birth and to nourish a tiny human from your breast, it all starts here.

So in honor of all mothers, those who choose to breastfeed and those who don’t, I salute you. I see you and I see your mother’s heart. I am proud to be called the same name and to call you a sister in motherhood.  I will leave you with the note I left Jade after our session.


You are simply amazing!  These images are absolute treasures.  In them I see my entire history and everything that brought me to this moment.  I was born to be a mother yet I had a long and winding road to motherhood.  I wish my body bore signs of all my struggles, of the challenges great and small, of my wins and losses, of the piercing pain and the ecstasy of love, but it doesn’t. Instead, my body holds space.  It’s my strong and steady and my forever home.  My body stands for and in LOVE and in your images I see a grace that I spent a long time looking for, the grace of a perfect and unconditional love, the grace of a mother.

Thank you for showing me the beauty.  I can get lost in the dark emotions of humiliation and shame and the not enoughs but these images are a stark reminder of all that is beautiful.  You have a gift and I am so grateful for you and your work.

so much love,


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