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Hello lovelies,

I’ve spent the last week or so settling back into home life after a weeklong adventure in Portland for the World Domination Summit (WDS), and what a week it was!!! The WDS values of Community, Adventure and Service were alive and inspiration flowed through many heartfelt conversations and connections.

I had so many aha moments and came away energized, focused, inspired and ready to go home and get in action.

But hold on while I back us up for a bit of history.  I spent 14 years as a healthcare executive in various roles, 5 of which had me travelling 4-5 days/week. With the birth of my daughter I quickly realized that the standard maternity leave wasn’t going to cut it AT ALL so I resigned and embarked on this incredibly magical year where I spent nearly ALL MY TIME just being with Calliope. I spent hours studying her, talking to her, giving her massages and nursing. We tumbled through the usual new baby routines…lack of sleep, ridiculous challenges with breastfeeding and fairly standard illnesses that never seem standard when it’s your baby that is sick.

And now I’m ready to create the next chapter. It’s a renaissance period as I shift out of what I call “the year I watched my daughter sleep” to “the year of homegrown honey.” Why homegrown honey? Well there is the renovation of our home sweet adobe home but larger than that, I’m looking to nurture our community and apply my skillset locally to strengthen the bonds of Tucson…and this opportunity is so exciting and delicious because I love love love nurturing ideas with a clan of passionate and committed people…and I can’t wait to discover all the amazing things that we do together!

More on WDS very soon… for now I’m reconnecting with my little bee in some of our favorite ways…through dance and music!!

Until then live in love, joy and courage and be kind.

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