Won’t you be my neighbor?

Our little neighborhood consists of 8 houses, two of which are occupied for only part of the year, one is basically an Air B&B, one has fairly new renters and the one next door has been empty for over a year.  That leaves yours truly and two others.  I’ve tried a time or two to get a neighborhood groove going but it hasn’t stuck yet.  And I mean yet because if I had my druthers I’d live in one of those neighborhoods where everyone floats between each others houses and there is a small army of kiddos playing in the cul de sac.  Between having a baby, getting one off to college and just living, I’ve abandoned my self appointed post of neighborhood social coordinator.  I LOVE community and connection and thrive on conversation.  I love our home sweet adobe home but if I could move it into a bigger neighborhood I would do it in a heartbeat.  Thus you can understand my excitement to discover that the house next door sold just days after being put on the market and our next door NEIGHBORS are moving in.  Time to bake cookies!

IMG_5854 IMG_5859

Des was clearly excited to be assigned the task of head baker.  This is her “you so weird but I’ll play along” face.  Hey, I’ll take it.  I took on the role of sensory chef, showing Calliope the different tastes and textures of sugar, flour and dough.  As usual, we didn’t have everything on hand but we figured out how to sub in some cake flour for the last missing cup of regular old flour and the cookies turned out pretty darn good.

For the rest of the afternoon we kept an eye out for the neighbors which is easy enough to do since we live in a cul de sac and have no window coverings in the front room of our house. Alas, we missed them but found out from the nice gentleman working there that they are gone for the week!  I guess that leaves us with a bunch of extra cookies and a whole week to corral some folks for a welcome to the neighborhood happy hour!

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