The Playground

One of our major current projects is building a playground for miss Calliope Quinn.  A little shade, swings, a slide and maybe even a climbing wall.  I’ve already decided I need a hammock, or what I’ve been calling a mommy perch, in the general area too.  We have no grass on the property now and while I want to be cognizant of water usage, we’ve decided a patch by the play area would do a baby good.  We’ll be checking into water conservation techniques along the way.  Here is the before picture, or more accurately the early picture because we’ve already started tearing up cement and bringing in bricks.

playground, phase 1

After removing cement, we’ll need to tear down the iron fencing and replace it with brick in order to raise and level the area.  Then it’s grass and playground building time.  Stay tuned for playground updates!  If all goes well we’ll be having playdates here by the Fall.

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