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P1000608Hello beautiful & welcome to my home sweet adobe home. My name is Heather and I’m a baby wearing, community building, seeker, dreamer, mother, lover and friend. I’m also a newbie DIY, up cycling, remodeling, gardening homemaker – basically a joyful creator of all things. Life & marriage landed me in this desert town of Tucson a few years back and I’ve been getting to know and love her ever since. Tucson is pretty badass. It’s full of beautiful, passionate creatives plus we have a major university, cotton candy sunsets, mountains that hug the city, hiking galore and a thriving local food scene. We’re a UNESCO world heritage site for Gastronomy, the only city in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and believe you me – I will be taking you on a food tour in due time.

The hubs and I own a mud adobe home made with dirt from this very patch of land and most of our weekends are spent tackling projects that we’ve never done before and start off having no idea how to accomplish. We make plenty of mistakes, pull off fun improvements, occasionally drive each other batty and are generally learning a lot along the way.

Our brood consists of Desi, Calliope & our ever faithful, if a bit spaztastic, dog Izzy Rose. Desi spends the academic year at Gonzaga and her summers with us. She teaches me things like how 45 is old but 30 is old for social media (uhoh…). She’s also started saying “act appropriately” when she leaves for the night, which is an odd back at your parents take on “make good choices” which is my usual parting phrase to her. Being my stepdaughter, It’s probably extra weird to see her pops and me making eyes at each other. Desi patiently teaches me about social media, music and general college goings on so basically she is keeping me cool…or more realistically cool-ish.

Calliope burst onto the scene just over a year ago and brought an avalanche of joy, bliss and love, love, love. I waited a long, long time for her and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that she choose me as her mom. With her arrival came my new role of stay at home mom, a role which allows me the freedom to spend virtually all my time nurturing, creating, connecting and loving which is what I was born to do. And that leads us perfectly to my husband, Michael.

P1010402This home sweet adobe home started off as his dream and really took off when we married and started tackling projects together because two heads, or in this case, two hearts, are better than one. Michael is the reason all this magic exists. He works hard so us girls can stay home and dreams big for this little plot of dirt. He is my teacher, student and co pilot and I am grateful for all the beauty we create together.

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