facebook_1549553278639Hello! It’s me again. It’s been a LONG LONG time since I’ve created anything here but I think it’s time to breath fresh life into this little patch of mine on the web. To bring you up to speed on the last 2 (eek!) years, we completed a tremendous about of work on our home sweet adobe home and then…

Michael wanted to take some time off from corporate life around the same time we were talking about wanting to make major changes and shake things up for us as a couple. We both felt we needed to breath fresh air into our marriage and regain some of what it was that brought us together in the first place. We thought maybe we can pack our bags and move to “somewhere in Europe.”  We had always planned on having a home base to travel from on that side of the world and maybe now was the time.  It took us all of a day to start moving the gears towards a new adventure and a fresh start.

Fast forward a few weeks and we found out we were expecting another little one!!! I’d say our manifesting was on point because wow…now everything was going to be turned on its head and all at the same time.   And that, my friend, is the very abbreviated version of how this mama and her beautiful family ended up moving to Ronda, Spain with a very round belly and a handful of dreams.

I guess this means that our home sweet adobe home is now our home sweet Andalusían home. Join us as we explore Spain, raise our girls abroad, stumble our way through a new language and create the next chapter in the story of us. I hope our story brings some of the magic of Ronda to your door and inspires you to travel, stretch and grow in whichever way your heart desires.

And if you fancy a glance at where this little blogging adventure started then you can find that right here.facebook_1549554381871

With love and gratitude,